Returns Be Gone: The Online Shop… – News

Returns Be Gone: The Online Shop… – News

Just when you think online shopping couldn’t get any more convenient during the Coronavirus pandemic, many major retailers have provided us with yet more ways to shop more efficiently — after all, 70 per cent of UK sales are placed on smartphones. These additions could be understood partly as a way to combat the need to return goods once they’ve been received, and a few brands have resorted to using some savvy technology to combat the cost of reimbursing customers, as well as improving their shopping experience.

Looking at recent research, free shipping is more important to a customer than fast delivery. Because free delivery is a common option for many online retailers, this results in increased sales — and increased returns. Returns, of course, less any doubts you might have about potential clothes you’re interested in, ordering more to choose from in different colors and sizes. However, for retailers, it can cost double the amount for something to be returned then it does for delivery. And if returns are balancing orders, there’s going to be a problem for retailers.

This article looks at Different ways retailers are mitigating returns rates by helping you find the perfect garments. This is certainly important for retailers during the current Coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing is currently making returns harder for customers and retailers alike, therefore, it is important retailers can cater to customers during these unprecedented times.

From trainers on virtually at Nike to using a picture on ASOS to determine where that dress you saw online is from, it has become even simpler to get the product we really want.


Just four months into 2020 and already one retailer, in particular, has innovated online shopping. Anyone who’s not a smaller size will empathize with the frustration that online shopping can bring. Whether you’re searching for suits for men or women’s dresses, almost all clothes are modeled on a textbook body type — toned and trim.

This is great, of course, if you have this body shape. However, for those who are a significantly taller or larger size, it’s impossible to imagine what it would look like on yourself. Material may bunch or gape in your area don’t want, for instance.

ASOS’ ‘See My Fit’ is a new feature which uses augmented reality to digitally map what a piece of clothing would look like on a variety of different body shapes, ranging from four to 18. Pioneering customers’ online experience, this addition is the first of its kind in Europe.

ASOS has also been instrumental in integrating a feature called style match, where customers can essentially search for clothing they’ve seen, for example, in real life or on social media, scraping ASOS’ stock for similar clothing they have available. This not only helps customers find products but allows them to find cheaper alternatives.

DIY Makeup Testing

Popular makeup retailer, Sephora has fused augmented reality in the beauty industry with Sephora Virtual Artist, which scans your face and lets you digitally apply numerous styles with different lipstick colors, eyeshadows, false eyelashes, and foundation colors to check what looks good on you. With it being difficult to gauge what colors can suit men and women’s skin tone, it’s particularly useful in reducing returns.

Virtual Fitting Room

One expected popular trend in e-commerce in the coming years is the ability to virtually try products on with artificial intelligence (AI). Nike is eradicating customer’s confusion around what size they are should order certain types of shoes in — you might be a size nine at one retailer or a 9.5 at another, resulting in purchasing several sizes for the perfect fit.

Well, the need to do this is being removed. By standing in front of a wall and pointing your phone camera at your feet, the Nike app will scan your feet and use AI to determine what size and shape your feet are and the correct size in a specific shoe. The feature takes less than a minute of your time and has precision within two millimeters.

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