St. Joseph’s University students create “5ALPHA,” an athleisure apparel company with a mission

St. Joseph’s University students create “5ALPHA,” an athleisure apparel company with a mission

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A St. Joseph’s University student is proving it’s never too early to start achieving your dreams.

From college to athletics and building a network with a mission, at just 21 years old Carina Chieffalo already has a very full plate.

“Somebody once told me, you can do everything you want in a day as long as you plan,” she said.

A junior, double-major student at St. Joe’s University, Division I lacrosse athlete, and ROTC scholar, Chieffalo is also the founder of 5ALPHA, an online athleisure apparel company with a mission.

“We have our original shirt, the one I’m wearing, and this is more breathable and a lot of people like to work out in this,” she said.


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“We are not just a retail business. We are a movement,” Chieffalo said.

5ALPHA connects like-minded individuals who seek to excel in their fields — sharing ideas, inspiration and opportunities.

“I like to say, ‘You plant a tree, you pick fruit for other people,'” she said.

For the past five years, Chieffalo has been working to build a network that spans the country while also encouraging young women interested in entrepreneurship. She chose the word alpha to help other female leaders realize their own strengths.

“It’s a word that is so strong and not used as much… I think women, especially women in business, can be this strong female presence for themselves and for other young girls out there who want to grow a business,” she said.

After graduation, Chieffalo plans to open a fitness club and brick-and-mortar store that will serve as a hub for sports clubs and other community-based groups.

As for her advice to those focused on their goals in the new year — now is always the right time to get started.

“I was just talking to someone and they said, ‘When should I start?’ And I said, ‘Right now, as soon as you have the idea,'” Chieffalo said.

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