Top Ways Walmart is Changing How Customers Shop

Top Ways Walmart is Changing How Customers Shop

Who doesn’t love skipping a line? Now across the nation, our new Check Out With Me service allows our customers to do just that. Outfitted with cellular devices and Bluetooth printers, associates complete the checkout process from anywhere on the sales floor, and provide a receipt via print, text or email.

Dotcom Store App

You’ll never leave a store without getting what you need thanks to the Dotcom Store App. Using their handheld devices, this technology gives associates the power to help customers shop if the item they’re looking for is out of stock. Customers can pay at any in-store register using any payment method they want (cash, check, credit/debit and Walmart Pay).


This first-of-its-kind technology being installed in our Salem, New Hampshire store was designed and created especially for Walmart. By automating key pieces of the Grocery Pickup process, it helps associates prepare online orders even faster by using autonomous mobile carts to deliver the items they need from storage to organize, assemble and deliver the order to the customer’s vehicle.

Autonomous Shelf Scanner

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