Alessandro Michele to Valentino helmet

Alessandro Michele to Valentino helmet

In an announcement that has sent ripples through the fashion industry, Alessandro Michele has been named the new creative director of Valentino, the storied Roman couture house. Michele, known for his transformative vision at Gucci, is set to commence his role on Tuesday, April 2.

Michele steps into shoes left vacant by Pierpaolo Piccioli’s celebrated tenure, which concluded just recently, marking 25 years of Piccioli at Valentino. Michele’s appointment comes with high expectations, as he brings a track record of revitalizing Gucci with his eclectic, colorful and bold aesthetic, significantly elevating both brand and revenue during his time there.

Valentino’s CEO, Jacopo Venturini, has voiced his enthusiasm for Michele’s arrival, highlighting a shared history from their days at Gucci. Media has reported that Venturini praised Michele’s “profound intelligence” and “wonderful lightness,” expressing confidence in the designer’s ability to reinterpret Valentino’s couture codes. Their reunion is anticipated to usher in a new era for Valentino. One that hopes to marry the past with the present, crafting a future that resonates with beauty, elegance, and innovation.

Michele’s debut collection under the Valentino banner is poised to be a pivotal moment for the brand, as industry insiders and fashion fans alike await to see how she will meld her distinct creative philosophy with Valentino’s classical beauty. His tenure at Gucci was marked by a departure from the conventional, championing inclusivity and challenging traditional notions of beauty, a perspective he is expected to carry into his new role.

Michele has expressed his deep reverence for the cultural and symbolic heritage of the brand, founded by Valentino Garavani and Giancarlo Giammetti in 1960. He aims to honor this legacy through his creative vision, signaling a respectful yet forward-thinking approach to leading the brand into its next chapter.

As the fashion world turns its eyes to Rome, Michele’s transition to Valentino represents not just a new chapter for him but for the maison itself.

“It’s an incredible honor,” Michele stated in the announcement, recognizing the profound legacy and the “immense joy and the huge responsibility” of joining a house as revered as Valentino.

With a blend of anticipation and curiosity, the industry awaits the unveiling of the debut collection, ready to witness the evolution of the brand under Michele’s guidance. This move adds to the list of recent seasons’ designer debuts at famous houses, such as Daniel Lee at Burberry, and just last fashion week, Seán McGirr at Alexander McQueen and Chemena Kamali at Chloé.

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