Hottest fashion trends for Eid Al Fitr 2024

Hottest fashion trends for Eid Al Fitr 2024

Gayatri Vazirani

Gayatri Vazirani of The Arab Crab highlights that embroidery and versatile silhouettes are key trends in Eid fashion this year. “We seamlessly incorporate these trends into our collections by infusing craftsmanship with modern cuts and fabrics, offering the perfect blend of Indian silhouettes and contemporary style,” says Vazirani.

Saumya Modi and Bhavini Modi say their label Mulmul has observed a growing demand for long Pakistani-style suits sets this year. They seamlessly integrate this trend into their collections, offering designs that exude regality and elegance, aligning with Mulmul’s aesthetic of timeless elegance.

Saumya Modi and Bhavini Modi

Saumya and Bhavini Modi’s creation for Eid
Image Credit: Supplied

“Clients are specifically requesting this style, and we’re delighted to cater to this preference, as these designs exude a sense of regality and elegance,” says Saumya. “We’re integrating this trend into our upcoming collections, ensuring our offerings resonate with the current fashion landscape.”

Saumya Modi and Bhavini Modi

Nahla says her label Ecstacy focuses on celebrating life, love, and unity through the colors and fabrics of her outfits. She emphasizes relaxed silhouettes and plays with cuts and drapes to integrate modest, functional designs. “This year, the appeal of Eid fashion goes beyond color choices, extending to the fabrics that shape the outfits,” says Nahla. “Traditional materials like silk, shimmer, crepes, and light fabrics all continue to have a significant presence in my designs.”

Ohaila Khan notes that pastels are a top trend for Eid fashion this year, along with a fusion of traditional and modern elements. She incorporates this trend by blending traditional sharias with modern capes, creating a fun and stylish look. “Additionally, fabrics like satin and velvet add regalia to evening celebrations, adding richness and depth to her collection,” says Khan.

Tushar Batra's creation

Tushar Batra’s design embodies the spirit of Eid
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Tushar Batra from Frontier Raas Dubai sees a resurgence of classic motifs and intricate embellishments in Eid fashion this year. Traditional elements such as zari work, gota patti, and intricate embroidery are making a comeback, adding timeless elegance to their collections. “Modern silhouettes and contemporary cuts are also being incorporated to cater to the evolving tastes of customers, ensuring a truly unique experience for each individual,” says Batra.

Keeping the balance

For The Arab Crab, the key to balancing traditional and contemporary styles lies in the reinterpretation of traditional motifs, fabrics, and techniques through modern silhouettes and cuts. “This approach ensures that their garments resonate with both heritage and current fashion sensibilities, making them suitable for any festive occasion,” says Vazirani.

Mulmul aims to imbue traditional attire with a youthful vibrancy by integrating intricate embroidery and contemporary details into their collections. While maintaining the basic silhouette of a kurta, they add that a distinctive essence integrates intricate embroidery and contemporary details. “This fusion serves as our response to harmonizing traditional elements with contemporary flair in our Eid collections,” says Bhavini.

With a perspective rooted in the Middle East, Nahla’s designs represent a blend of traditional and modern in a futuristic manner. “The silhouette is urban and dramatic, inspired by modern drapes and custom printed fabrics that celebrate the authenticity of fashion in the region,” says Nahla.


Ohaila Khan’s brand ideology revolves around fusing the grand popularity of the East with a modern European aesthetic. They achieve this by infusing globally prominent elements like fringes and pearls over traditional silhouettes or incorporating traditional craftsmanship into modern cuts, creating a unique fusion of heritage and modernity. “In our Dholkii collection we have traditional Marori and mirror work from the interiors of India embellished over uber modern cuts and silhouettes,” says Khan.

Ohaila Khan

Frontier Raas Dubai strikes a balance between traditional and contemporary styles by featuring traditional craftsmanship and motifs in their Eid collections, while also infusing a touch of modernity through innovative designs and silhouettes. “This balance allows them to appeal to a wide audience, from those seeking traditional attire to those embracing modern fashion sensibilities,” says Batra.

Diversity through design

The design process for creating Eid outfits is a celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and creativity. Designers strive to cater to the diverse preferences of their customers, ensuring that everyone can find something that resonates with them during this festive season.

The Arab Crab’s design process for Eid outfits is rooted in understanding the diverse preferences of their customers. They conduct extensive market research, gather feedback from the community, and create inclusive designs that cater to various body types, cultural backgrounds, and style preferences. “This ensures that everyone finds something they love in their collections,” says Vazirani.

Mulmul aims to ensure diversity across various dimensions such as color preferences, silhouettes, and styles in their design process. They strive to cater to all body types and skin tones, ensuring inclusivity and representation. “By offering a wide array of styles, they accommodate diverse style preferences, ensuring that individuals with varying tastes can find pieces that resonate with them,” say the designers.

Nahla draws inspiration from a fusion of cultures in her designs, appealing to a global audience. She explores Indo-Arab styles, colors and motifs deeply, preserving the traditional essence of Eid with authentic silhouettes and fabrics. “Inclusivity in sizes and styles caters to diverse customers, while quality craftsmanship ensures uniqueness and timeless appeal to each outfit,” she explains.

Ohaila Khan

Ohaila Khan’s creation
Image Credit: Supplied

Ohaila Khan’s collections embrace diversity and celebrate a global fusion of styles and influences. They offer a mix of traditional Indian saris, Pakistani kurta sets, kaftans, and dresses. “There is a strong focus on versatility, ensuring that our Eid outfits can be styled in multiple ways to cater to a diverse range of customer preferences and tastes,” says Khan. Mul Mul and Designer Ohaila Khan’s creations are stocked in Vesimi.

Frontier Raas Dubai’s design process begins with extensive research into current fashion trends and traditional motifs. They draw inspiration from diverse sources, including cultural heritage, nature, and global fashion influences. “Each design is meticulously crafted to embody the spirit of Eid while offering versatility and comfort to customers, ensuring they feel truly special and valued,” adds Batra.

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