Promo roundup: ‘Home field advantage,’ met as Oppenheimer, viewers spot news fleet

Promo roundup: ‘Home field advantage,’ met as Oppenheimer, viewers spot news fleet

Here’s a look at some news promotions created by stations across the country.

WYOU ‘The Home Field Advantage’ promo

The Eyewitness News team at WYOU and WBRE in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, rallies together in this spot that aired ahead of CBS’s coverage of Super Bowl LVIII. WYOU is a CBS affiliate. WBRE is an NBC affiliate owned by Nexstar Media Group and runs WYOU, which is owned by Mission Broadcasting. The two share news teams, sets and branding.

KTRK ‘Oppenheimer’ inspired weather promo

ABC-owned KTRK in Houston, Texas, aired this weather promo ahead of its network’s telecast of the Oscars, with chief meteorologist Travis Herzog standing in for Cillian Murphy’s J. Robert Oppenheimer character in scenes inspired by the blockbuster film. The spot was produced by Sarah Rolen.

The promo features VideoHelper’s “Haunted (String Version)” as background music.

KABC ‘There Goes That…’ promo

Reflecting the diverse viewing area it serves, this promo from ABC 7 Los Angeles centers around viewers spotting its news fleet out in the community, but also that the station sees its viewers. The station’s VP of marketing Kris Ellison Baete headed up this project.

KCCI ‘Iowa’s News Leader’ promo

From Hearst’s KCCI in Des Moines, Iowa, this image campaign-style promo showcases the station’s reach by flashing through a series of photos of one of its news vehicles in various parts of the community while using a similar technique to showcase team members. Additional talent and studio shots are used as well. The station’s Creative Services Director, Nathan White, led the creation of the promo along with Jordy Triana and Leia Marie Bacuyag.


WVLT ‘Always Alerting East Tennessee First’ promo

Ahead of spring severe weather season, this promo showcases the weather team and tech at Gray’s WVLT in Knoxville, Tennessee. The team behind this spot includes Creative Services Producer Cole Ryg and voiceover artist Chris Rollins.

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